IRA PUBLICATIONS is an ideal house of publications that accepts and promotes a creative research across the globe without any reservations over religion, nationality, boundaries. It serves as a vehicle of research and education between the modern youth and the experienced, competent and qualified professionals through their intellectual awakening. It invites better than the best in all branches of knowledge such as English, Management, Biological Sciences, Social sciences, Arts & Education, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering & Technology. IRA PUBLICATIONS strives to become a fillip between the upcoming professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, administrators, scientists, technocrats, engineers etc. It will provide a Strong platform for all those who wish to contribute their potentialities of knowledge to all peoples and all nations. Our journals would be an asset to any institution's library. The quality of the people who freely give their time and effort to the journals, as editors, editorial board members and contributors, bears witness to the high esteem the journals are held in, in many circles. Of course, all content is fully refereed. The journals are well-established, properly organized and meet researchers' needs. All the titles from IRA PUBLICATIONS are published in English (except Hindi Literature). This is to enable us to reach as large a scientific audience as possible, within and beyond any particular geographical region.

IRA PUBLICATIONS was founded more than four year ago establishing a distinctive and independent profile in the international arena. IRA PUBLICATIONS is known for its highest international standard in publications. The target readership for IRA PUBLICATIONS includes architects, planning professionals, Engineers, Life Science researcher, scholars, students, Biotechnologists, Biochemist, Microbiologists, structural designers, Software designers, developers, Computer engineers - professionally their relevance to the target groups and for their stimulating contribution to Research and Development. Our Journals are the products of dynamic interchange between Scientists, authors, publisher and designer. At IRA PUBLICATIONS, excellence isn't a standard, it's constant. Since our founding over 4 years ago, excellence has been at the heart of everything we do. It's something that we expect from everyone of our team members, but it's also something that we deliver to our customers everyday. It's an intrinsic part of our culture that is woven into our core values as well as into our daily operations. We strive to build on those fundamental strengths that compel us to go above and beyond, everyday. IRA PUBLICATIONS aims to provide a good work environment, to deliver useful products and services to our customers with excellent service, and to improve and grow in all our endeavors. IRA PUBLICATIONS is blessed with many loyal authors and researchers. We are inspired by our opportunities. We will continue to seek improvement and growth.


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